Jonathan Larkin for Arizona's District 30

A proud Democrat.
A proud Union Member.
A proud Veteran.

Two years ago those of us in legislative district 30 gave our trust to a new face who wasn’t a typical politician: Jonathan Larkin.

He has conducted himself with distinction and made us proud. Most critically, Jonathan is keeping his promise to fight as hard for us at the state capitol as he did when he wore our nation’s uniform.

Jonathan is fighting for a real plan to create jobs and strengthen our economy, not just more empty promises from politicians. He’s fighting for better schools and tax cuts for working families instead of the wealthy. And he’s working to protect our police officers, firefighters and teachers against union busting politicians.

Like so many young men, Jonathan was deeply affected by the events of September 11th and the terrorist attack on the United States.

After high school, Jonathan joined the Marine Corps and was immediately promoted to Private First Class. Jonathan was first stationed in Japan. He was quickly reassigned to the USS Essex, the ship sent to fight in Fallujah, Iraq. His mission was to help protect Iraqis from attacks during their first democratic election.

Later Jon and other Marines were sent to the Philippines. He volunteered for a Humanitarian Mission to rebuild an elementary school that had been destroyed.

When his tour of duty ended, Jonathan was sent home to the Marine base in Yuma. But before he could unpack, Jonathan was sent back to Iraq where he ran dangerous security patrols against attacks near the Al-asad airbase.

A decorated Marine, Jonathan was discharged in 2007, came home to Arizona and settled in Glendale. He started college while working as a proud union member and Pharmacy Technician for Fry’s Food Store.

Now, Jonathan is serving again, this time as our LD-30 State Representative.

He thinks Arizona Legislature should be working and coming together to solve the many problems we face:

Better schools and more jobs that can support a family.

Tax breaks for our middle class and insisting that Arizona’s wealthy pay their fair share.

Stopping the senseless attacks on police officers, firefighters, teachers and union members across the state.

And running our state like serious grown-ups instead of becoming a national joke.

Jonathan Larkin: a proud Marine, union member and Democrat.